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Ring with birthstone: the ultimate gift!

The ultimate gift to your lover to surprise is a jewel. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. There are many possibilities. But of course you want to give something special. Something good for your loved best. Something that is special. Very nice jewelry therefore occupied with the birthstone of friend (in) love.

The principle of this type of jewelry is as simple as it sounds. Each month has its own stone. This stone has qualities that believe are beneficial to the recipient. For example, family birthstone rings have all the birthstones that family members have. The birthstones match the birth date of the person who will wear it.

Which stones belong to which month?

stoneFor every month a particular stone. From January to December, every birthstone has it’s meaning.

January Garnet Garnet is a type of crystal that can have many colors. Often red garnets, but this is not always so. Indeed, there are also purple, orange, yellow, green, brown, black and find. Colorless specimens There is a very rare grenade species found in Madagascar. This species is blue rosy. grenade promoted willpower and perseverance, preventing overstrain. Furthermore, the stone of passion and dedication.

February Amethyst The amethyst a quarter kind. The most popular kind of quartz. The color of the stone varies from light to dark purple. All very long become this beautiful shiny stone used by people as a raw material for jewelery. This is partly because it was believed that the stone possesses magical powers.Aside from having magical powers, the stone is seen as a sign of love, temperance, anti-drunkenness, and he would protect against witchcraft. Furthermore, the stone the wearer calm and relaxed and he promoted spiritual growth.

March Aquamarine The Aquamarine is a stone from the stone beryl group. The stone is in various shades of green where. The aquamarine is common on Earth and is often found on Maria Images. This is because the stone leads to love and discolors when find wrong place. ‘s aquamarine makes the wearer easily can express his or her feelings and can speak more directly.

from his or her heart April Zircon A Zircon is a mineral that occurs in the colors brown, red, golden yellow and colorless. ‘s zircon has the nice property that encourages giving and receiving unconditional love. The stone reduced all negative feelings like jealousy and hatred.

May Emerald Emerald is a type of beryl and is experienced royal. quite as The stone is always green. Emerald restores balances that are out of balance. The stone also prevents insomnia. Furthermore, the stone bestows wisdom, happiness and love, also brings insight into yourself and bring a lot of energy in general.

June Pearl Pearl is as the name suggests a kind of beryl.The stone is golden. Pearl stimulates intuition, personal power and intellect. Furthermore, growing self-confidence and creativity of the wearer of a chrysoberyl.

July Ruby Ruby is a very famous red colored gemstone. The ruby is considered one of the precious gems and has been used for centuries in jewelry. You wear a ruby, then you are very wealthy, which is what was formerly believed. Among the many features of the ruby is to give courage, strength and willpower. Further, the tiredness disappear.Augustus Olivine The olivine is a neosilicaat that occurs in the colors yellow-green, olive green, brown and green black. Olivine ensures openness and acceptance.

September Sapphire The sapphire is a blue colored gemstone. However, sometimes the stone yellow, violet or greenish. Sapphire assists in the maturation of the mind. Give you the stone to a different gift than the bond between you and the recipient will be strengthened. The stone is good against evil influences, such witchcraft.

October Opal Opal is a quarter of a species that in many colors occur: white, colorless, blue, gray, red, yellow, green, brown and black. Opal makes the wearer more conscious of themselves and the world around them. The stone makes the mind and the body becomes one.

November Topaz Topaz gemstone that in pure form is colorless, but is usually found in shades of yellow, white, gray, blue, green or pink yellow. Topaz promoted loyal friendships and protects the wearer from exhaustion and insomnia.

December Tanzanite Tanzanite is available in many shades of blue. Tanzanite helps the wearer to find his or her own path in life, and further ensures that repressed emotions find their way out.

Truths or nonsense?
Opinions about the features of gemstones are quite divided. There are groups of people who believe that the stones have real forces that impact on people. Others do this as nonsense. Each individual can form an opinion about it, for yourself, you give someone a piece of jewelery with it or her birthstone, this makes the gift more special. The person who receives the jewelery will surely feel that to him or her thought is!

Aug 14

Money gift giving in a fun way; tips!

The envelope and its contents is at the top of many wish lists. From the age of ten years often save children already something “great” and an amount of money received enthusiastically at birthday parties. So much fun and surprised faces, you think. Fortunately, that does not seem to be true. In this article some simple tips to pack it an original and funny gift is money.

Envelope and its contents; what is it?

The money is hidden in one of the envelopes and is offered as a kind of ‘chance’. The rules are written on the first envelope; For example, ‘one chance per hour “or” three attempts per day, “or very sternly:” You can draw three envelopes! “ (If you can not take the gift called back home!) It can stand on it; “Not up to the light ‘and’ do not feel that there is something in it” to make it even. 

Money to eat

If children have asked their birthday money, they expect an envelope or a card with a “note” in it. The surprise is even greater if you come up with very different thing. Hide money in something edible for example, the same year still amaze.

Money freezing

Treasure hunt in a chunk of ice; you see the money away, but can not reach it. A nice heavy gift, but do not wait too long to give. Put a bowl (you) half full of water and put it in the freezer. If the water is frozen you put a number of coins and fill the bucket with cold water further. So get the coins nicely amid the ice right. In a sealed plastic bag, gift wrapping. The old will have or block ice to chop into pieces.

A mayor chain of money

Do you have somewhere a small pot of money, you can be taped to make a beautiful necklace. First do all the coins to a piece of adhesive tape. Then you can put them tape between longer pieces. Exchange the coins off so you get a pattern; pennies and coins of 10 and 20 cents for regular use and gives a nice effect. Both ends of a long chain are taped to a ‘medal’. Also, that can again be made. Of coins Or a money bill nicely folded (in plastic) on a round piece of cardboard for example, surrounded by a few more coins.

Aug 14

Protect your home against water damage

Many people get to do again soon with flooding. Even though water is essential to our planet, it can also give us a lot of problems. Many homeowners try to keep each year. water from their home but there is something that you can do to minimize injury. Prior to your home This can often be an investment, but you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Gutters and storm drains

Gutters and rainwater drains are your first defense against heavy rains. Therefore it is important to maintain. Your gutters and rainwater drains properly It is ideal to annually implement it maintenance .

Most houses are currently equipped with gutters made ​​of zinc or plastic. It is important to maintain your zinc gutters well as various types of pollution can damage the zinc. Some of the most common and polluting problems are:

  • Dissolved pollutants (eg acid rain and decaying leaves.)
  • air pollution;
  • rust.

More people today are choosing gutters made of plastic. Namely Gutters are manufactured from plastic have no other maintenance than cleaning. Although plastic gutters are susceptible to other damage, such as break under the pressure of a ladder.

Detecting leaks

A leak in your home is often discovered when it’s done. Already damage cold winter temperatures often ensure that water pipes damaged. Many homeowners are often surprised with a large bill from the water company, without any real reason. Detecting a leak is usually best entrusted to a professional, but you can also detect a leak by using the following instruments:

  • Infrared cameras : with an infrared camera can detect temperature differences. These temperature differences leaks.Therefore this is a good tool to detect leaks early before they go wreak more. Visible damage
  • Humidity measurement : a hydrometer is used previously to determine the severity of a leak and not so much to detect a leak.
  • Endoscopy : If you suspect the leak is in a remote area, you can use a specially designed camera. Via a camera on a thin tube can smaller spaces or pipes go check. The only drawback is that there is often a small opening must be made ​​to achieve. A certain space
  • Ultrasonic detection : detecting the leak happening here through sound. By going amplify sound, one can detect the location of the leak.

If you are not really sure whether you have a leak in your home, it is always better to contact us. A professional company Even if it takes a little to hire this company, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Insurance for water damage

Sometimes water damage can not be prevented, and you must use your insurance to cover the costs. To ensure that water will be covered, you can take out contents insurance and / or home insurance. Contents insurance covers all damage to stuff in your home that are not fixed, whereas a home insurance covers all damages to things that are attached to your home. If you want to be from water damage insurance are both recommended. fully financially protected It is also recommended to keep. 

Aug 14

Geocaching: Short treasure hunt with GPS

Are you sick of that eternal poles routes? Want more challenge? It takes more and more difficult to motivate for a walk to your children? Like to visit beautiful places both in cities and in the countryside? Would like to get you to special places that the general public does not know where to find? Do you like scavenger hunts and treasure? Then geocaching is for you!

What is geocaching?

geoIt is a relatively new outdoor sport, which was made ​​possible by the expansion of the selective availability of the Global Positioning System (GPS) on May 1, 2000. On May 3, placed the American Dave Ulmer the first cache, which was already found on May 6 on two occasions.

 A cache is a generally waterproof box containing at least a logbook in which the finder writes his name.Now there are in the Netherlands alone thousands of caches hidden. In your area there are boxes of all sizes hidden. Sometimes the boxes are smaller than a roll of film, sometimes they are as big as buckets. In the smallest caches is only a paper (logrol) the name of the finder to note, in larger caches are often many small stuff (goodies) as erasers, key chains, tops and other small toys.These goodies are especially good with the children’s taste. It is intended that these toys are exchanged for something of at least equal value.

 Although the value attributed to this kind of stuff quite subjective, yet it feels its intent to do. It should also be fun for the next cacher to find the cache. The cache found, log on to www.geocaching.com where you have a free account is required to make first. Of course you have to find caches required. Device with GPS Most smartphones nowadays you can get along without caching. GPS and geocache app A handheld GPS device is a must if you are looking for a more robust device that can take a beating and with the battery life. New are pretty pricey stuff, but they often Marketplace allows you to tap the head for a few bucks.

Types caches

There are three main types can be distinguished, namely the traditional caches, multi and mystery. 

Traditional The traditional (tra) is the simplest form of geocaching. On geocaching.com is the coordinate where the cache is found just given, and you can go directly to where the cache is hidden. However, it pays generally bother to read the cache page carefully because most caches are placed in particularly beautiful places, or in places where interesting things to say about this.

Multi A multi cache a lot like a scavenger hunt. On the site you will find the starting coordinate, and there is an indication must be found to determine the next point. (Waypoint) At the end of the journey sufficient data are collected to determine. The end coordinate Many multi-’s run through a special area where the cache page can tell you more. Many multivitamins are particularly suitable as original city tour, where you will see more than a beautiful church or a special Geveltje. 

Mystery When a mystery is the intention to go home to the puzzle. On the cache page is a puzzle that must be the coordinate at which the cache is located can be determined. Solved first stateSometimes it can be controlled via a checker on the site or the solution is correct.


To make it even more fun, there are coins and travel bugs (TB) that have to travel. From cache to cache Tb’s shape similar to military identification tags. These trackables each have a unique code and are owned by a cacher that she sent on tour. Often get the TB’s and coins an assignment (eg TB wants to visit caches that are on the water to a rubber bath duck). Trackables These are just like the caches logged on internet and so the owner can follow the journey of his or her trackables. For the finder is an additional challenge to the contract by trying to satisfy.


Basically, you have a good pair of walking shoes, a GPS device and a pen to write, so plenty to go geocaching in the log.Depending on your goals, needs and preferences, you need more. There are caches which must be dived whether or whose walking twenty kilometers. Climbed The cached page is here, often using icons, information given. This will be the necessary equipment to be adjusted. Provide adequate food and drink, because when the proper route is not immediately found, a journey may take longer than expected. A first aid kit is not a luxury. Be aware of ticks and careful nature. And above all, beware of muggles(non-cachers) and try unseen log. There are informative books about GPS and geocaching, but there is also fiction where geocaching plays a (big) part.

Jul 14

Camping, what do you need?

Camping is very popular. Comfortably in a tent, caravan or motorhome to spend your vacation. In what ways can all camping and what are the pros and cons of camping? What to take and what should you think? Some things you really should not forget when you’re camping, and some things simply need to know.

Camping . Camping can be a variety of ways. One chooses to camp in a small double tent, and the other chooses a Turnkey tent with real beds.

Camping Tips

If you own a tent purchased but have never camped before, there are some tips that you will have many. as a novice camper

  • Put the tent before first few times on holiday. So you can see exactly how the tent should be set and whether any are missing, such as pegs and guy ropes and the like. You will be useful in setting up and taking down the tent, and that routine will soon come in handy. This saves an enormous amount of hassle as you once, have arrived tired from the trip, camping and tent camping is to set up.
  • Find out in advance what the camping ground. For hard surfaces, you need more than a patch of grass with earth. Different pegs
  • Mark the poles that belong together, that makes searching
  • Also try your camping gear in advance of. What is still missing and everything works well?
  • The tent is waterproof and the zippers are still intact and they run smoothly?

Important Tips

Before you go on holiday, it is wise to properly prepare for the trip and the route, set up the tent, the stuff that you should not forget the passports or other travel documents must be in order and all insurance (travel, Cancellation insurance, accident and health, auto, etc.) must be in order.

  • Medications for travel, food and drink, money, travel documents, other
  • For pneumatic repair adhesive strips and extra valve with it, and a foot pump
  • Take sleeping bags with a tight fitting zip it, and take into account cold nights
  • Bring a kettle for morning quickly cook in the wasgebouw, water is convenient. For larger tents with electricity is a kettle of course very convenient.
  • If you do not speak the language of the holiday: buy a book “How and in what … (language)”, where you are in the language of the country still pretty good with saving
  • Do not forget the rubber mallet striking the stakes and extra guy lines and pegs additional
  • Also make sure you have extra cash on hand, such as a bank account, where you can. Contingencies may prove unexpectedly needed and nothing is on vacation so annoying as to be without money in a foreign country
  • Please debit and e-dentifiers (or whatever fits with your bank) for online banking with
  • Dotted the trip well in advance and make sure that you reach the site on time. In the dark setting up a tent, is a very difficult job.
  • Also take matches, some flashlights with batteries and toilet paper with you
  • Share your luggage into two parts, the part that you pass on the camping needs and share what you already need along the way too. That saves a lot of searching.
  • Take a small emergency supply of food and water, just in case you can not do directly. Messages on the site Consider, in this case, for example crackers with toppings that does not spoil, canned food (+ can opener), drink a cooler.
  • Medicines and a first aid kit and sunscreen and sunglasses remember
  • Jerry can take so you always have water at the tent and not have to take any cup
  • If you are traveling by car: road
  • Pay outstanding bills so you are not faced with unexpected surprises for homecoming

Camping in a tent, caravan, motorhome, boat or beach house
If you rent a tent or caravan, you will find there everything you need for camping. Learn more about renting a turnkey tent in the article: tent rental, tent or caravan ready . You may also consider bringing a beach house to rent . On a yacht or sailboat is also a relaxing holiday.

Camping Tips for setting up a tent

  • Put the tent on a level piece of ground, not down a hill or mountain, in connection with completion of water.
  • Do not put the tent under pine trees. Since resin drips off and fallen branches and needles on the tent. If you put your tent under a tree can suffer from bird droppings on the tent and other inconveniences.
  • Choose the tent preferably a shady place, with sufficient space around it to also enjoy some sun and sit outside
  • Take the piece of land free of twigs and stones and the like
  • Get plenty of flashlights with batteries and a string to hang a flashlight
  • Let the zippers close to the design and assembly of the tent, associated with stress on the fragile zippers. You can then carefully tensioning and not putting the zippers under too much stress. Canvas material must be tight and smooth.
  • Moisture condensation in the tent is often, therefore, ensure that adequate ventilation. Air the regular stuff and leave wet gear to dry as quickly as possible

Disadvantages of camping

Camping in tent and its major disadvantage is that there is less luxury and comfort than a hotel or cottage. The toilet and the shower is down, not in your tent. There of course chemical toilets that you can carry and empty daily. Also, you should be able to insects or other unexpected visitors from nature can be when you’re camping, such as a mouse or a mole. But for many people, camping is just a challenge and has the charm. If you suffer from your back, or if you really want to have a private bathroom at your disposal then choose a caravan if you still want to camp.

Jul 14

Additional movement in Summer

Many people come on vacation a few pounds on. Laze and overeating are two reasons for this. To avoid getting heavier, you can of course be careful with food, but also move more. And for that extra movement, you do not really in the gym because you can reach the smaller things too!


holidayIs there a destination on your pool or sea nearby? Go at a quiet time (eg early morning) laps. With fifteen laps, you’ve already burned. Around 115 calories They also train your leg muscles!


Take early morning or late evening stroll. At these moments, it is often not so hot and there are not many people outside. Will you have to train your muscles a bit? Then walk a trail with stairs or hills, or go hiking in the mountains! A walk on the beach you will also burn more calories than if you just walk across the road. This is because the sand is heavier and therefore you your legs a little more to lift.

Additional movement on the beach

It is wonderful to be baking a whole afternoon on the beach in the sun, but the beach is also the ideal place for fun activities. Take a beach set them to go play tennis or go snorkeling in the sea.

Take the stairs!

Take the stairs is a small effort and still has effect. Most people take in their hotel or apartment building elevator, while you’re often just as fast with the stairs.

Participate in activities

Most hotels and campsites organize fun (and sports) activities. Often activities are announced at the reception or when you arrive a leaflet. So do once in a while along with that one beach volleyball tournament or take a lesson aqua aerobics. Besides that it is very nice and you have some extra moves, you will learn in this way also another new people.


Is a pleasant musical evening organized at your vacation spot? Throw those hips loose and dance nice watch! Along rather than to At many holiday destinations there are animation teams present which often organize dance classes.

Small exercises

Take your (hotel) room or in your tent a few minutes to some abdominal and leg muscle exercises to do. You will also need to do them no attributes and if you stay on vacation is still a little form.

Walk instead of taking the car or bus

Is the city or the supermarket your vacation spot? Go shopping or running errands. If the weather is nice, a walk always delicious and so you’ll come again for additional movement.

Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water and you’re good rub yourself with sunscreen when you exercise in the sun. Also in the water and burn quickly, so please do not forget to smear.

Jul 14

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